This is a drive to put Oath Keepers educational care packages into the hands of active duty military.

Tyranny cannot come to America if our military members refuse unconstitutional orders. We must remind them that their oath is to the Constitution, not to any politician or party; we must teach them about the Constitution they swore to defend; and we must steel their resolve to keep that oath.

If we reach enough of them, it is game over for any attempt to destroy this Republic. Whether we reach enough of them will depend on what you do.

Why This Mission is So Vital:

Like ripples in a pond, you never know what ultimate effect each care package will have. Even one could lead to a whole company or battalion being good-to-go on their oath. But the more packages we get out there the faster the message of the oath will go viral, spreading far and wide, – which is exactly what the enemies of this Republic don’t want (which tells you precisely what needs to happen!). Make no mistake, the enemies of our Republic do not want the brave men and women in our military to understand the Constitution, their oath, or their obligation to refuse unconstitutional and unlawful orders. Would-be tyrants prefer blind obedience. The Founders understood this, which is exactly why they made the oath to the Constitution, not to any man or office, and why they put the oath requirement right in the Constitution itself. The oath is like kryptonite to tyrants, as the Founders intended. The time has come for us to use it to its full effect.


Each Oath Keepers Educational Care Package Will Include, at a Minimum, the Following:

Pocket Constitution and Declaration of Independence.
We will encourage all service members to not only read those documents, but to memorize them. How can they defend it if they don't know it?

Oath Keepers Handbook.
The principle authors of the Handbook will be CDR David R. Gillie, USN; Maj. Rex McTyeire, U.S. Army Special Forces (RET); and Oath Keepers founder, E. Stewart Rhodes (Army Airborne veteran and graduate of Yale Law School). The Handbook will also include statements by other current serving or retired, both officers and enlisted, to speak directly to each branch. The handbook will teach the troops about their obligations under the oath, will teach them more about the Constitution, will give them historic examples and comparisons to show how unique our civic order is, and will inspire them to keep their oath.

Oath Keepers Educational DVD.
This DVD will include a class on the Constitution by Oath Keepers Founder, Stewart Rhodes and a class on the constitutional command structure by CDR David R. Gillie, USN. The DVD will also include video testimonials by respected veterans of each branch of the service speaking directly to the current serving, and video from our historic first gathering on April 19, 2009 on Lexington Green, where current serving and veterans renewed their oaths.

Oath Keeper Tab.
We will also include at least one "Oath Keeper" tab with velcro on the back, as our gift to each service member.

Oath Keeper bumper stickers and small window/trunk stickers

Oath Keepers Outreach Materials. We will include some Oath Keepers brochures and cards.


What you can do to make it happen:

Donate to Fund Care Packages or Purchase Packets to Put in Your Own Care Packages:

Every time you donate $20.00, it will put an Oath Keepers educational care package into the hands of at least one active duty military service-member, whether stationed at home or deployed abroad. The more you can donate, the more we will reach. For example, if you donate $100.00 that would reach five active duty, and a donation of $1,000.00 would reach at least fifty active duty, and so on. Whatever you can do will make a difference.

You can simply donate the money, and we will take care of the rest, sending out the packages to an active duty service-member (working with Operation Soldier Assist, and other established care package providers). Or you can purchase packets, and we will send them to you, so you can send them out to someone you know in the military, along with whatever else you want to send in your own care packages. Or, you can donate and also provide us the names and addresses of active duty service-members you want the packages to go to. You can make it any combination of the above by clicking on the “Donate to Fund Care Packages” button.

Contribute Names and Addresses

Getting the names and addresses of active duty military service-members is vital to the success of this mission. Even if you are flat broke, if you can provide us with names and addresses of active duty military, you can contribute greatly to the cause. Just click on the “provide names and addresses” button. Whether you donate money, names and addresses, or both, you can make this happen.

Donate Care Package Items

Current serving troops, especially those deployed abroad, are often in dire need of many necessities and the small comforts we take for granted. You can help them, and help us reach, teach, and inspire them, by contributing items to insert into care packages. Please click on the “Donate Care Package Items” button to learn more.

If You Are Active Duty Military, Sign Up to Have a Care Package Sent to You and/or Your Unit!

If you are an active duty military service-member, and would like Oath Keepers care packages sent to you, your buddies, or even your entire unit, please click on the “Active Duty Troops Click Here” button. We will get you squared away! We can even arrange to have you adopted to receive care packages for the full length of your deployment.

We are no Longer taking donations for care packages until we fulfill the orders and donations that have already been placed. You can still provide names and we will add them to the list for future use.
Provide Names
Provide Names
Watch our inspirational video summary of The Declaration of Orders We Will NOT Obey!
David R Gillie, USN speaks at the Oath Keepers first annual Conference 2009. This is a preview of the speech to be included in our Constitutional Care Packages for the Troops.

Read Complete Declaration of Orders We Will NOT Obey here

This is highly recommended to fully understand our mission